Hygiene Haul.

Hi everybody! It's time for what you all have been waitin' for, it's time for me to do my own haul. Yeah, that's right - Pelle is going to show y'all what's cracking on the shopping side of life. So I just went to the local Ica affär and bought myself some "nödvändigt ont". Things you need to stay clean... like fresh/ren.
Without further introduction, here you have the
First out we have the Garnier Fructis Nordic Strengthening Volume Shampoo New Care Hair Pure whatever-the-fuck. I'd bought this 'cause the bottle was green like Shrek. And I always look, feel and smell like a ogre.
And of course I'd to buy one of these things, a "klädvårdsrulle". 'Cause I let my pubes loose the other day and my apartment have been like a nukleär katastrofzon ever since. Only with less strålning and more pubes.
It's summer time and I am konstant svettig in my right armpit. Since I am the master of armpit 6, it's A och O to keep that particular area extra fresh. And I feel like the Nives Men Dry Impact doesn't interfere with the pleasure all that much. It also smells of dry semen and chemicals.
Bla bla bla long name, manly box. I shave my beard and this product helps me from gettin' those darn "skäggfinnar". I also find this L'Oréal crap to be useful during mastrubation. It's true! And I'm worth it.
Ever since I turned 25 I have had regular ilningar på tänderna. A sign of ålderdom perhaps, I dunno. But what I do know is that this toothpaste helps. Sensodyne Fresh Gel, a gel for your mouth not your hair.
To celebrate last weeks långhelg, I bought this. Every great weekend should start with you buying a large set of toilet paper. This brand goes easy on you bum hole, last a really long time and doesn't tear in the middle of wipeing. Remember: a poop free finger is a hygienic finger, ready to be used.
That's all, nerds! I hope you liked this inlägg. It'll probably never happen again.
ja.... vad säger man. I went YouTube on your face

Du måste ju köpa tandkrämen för men! Du kommer få kvinnotänder annars! :O


Herregud, tjejtänder! Det värsta en man kan få uppleva! OBS, köp den med baconsmak!


Inte för att vara sån, men ska det inte vara "dried semen" istället för "dry"? Antar att du syftar på torkad sperma och inte torr sperma?
Mvh Grammar Nazi


Haha bästa på länge

Ida ☯ the sky under the sea

I love din Swenglish.


Alltså jag kolar vippen här nu!
Det bästa ja har läst idag! Men det är ju bara morgonen, så vem vet hur dagen slutar?